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Yoko Hina interview. 2004/2005 (?)

After concert in Tokyo International Forum, got cramps in legs.
Murakami: This time after the concert in Tokyo International Forum I felt that we have done our best.
Yokoyama: But my tension was too high in the middle of the concert, so I was drained.
Murakami: Me too, the tension was too high and because of it, after it ended I got cramps in my legs. Yoko who had stretched me, this time he had cramps too (laughs).
Yokoyama: It might have been the first time when the venue was shaking so much.
Murakami: Seriously, It's something to be grateful about.
Yokoyama: Next time we have Christmas concerts, but our feelings doesn't change. We want you to enjoy concerts wherever they are held.
Murakami: That's right. It's fine to show our real self at Osaka Shochikuza theatre.
Yokoyama: We released mini album in December, somehow it wasn't like "Yeah, let's release it!", I still don't feel it's real.
Murakami: It rather felt like we finally got to release it. I think this time our mini album till now is our foundation in some way.
Yokoyama: At the end of the year there is also Coundown Concert and we are going to appear there too. There will be many of our Seniors so we'll try to be harmless and inoffensive.
Murakami: I'm getting nervous in this kind of situations.
Yokoyama: Seriously. Murakami looks like he is up to something. He looks like handyman (laughs). During the Baseball Tournament when we- Kanjani and NEWS and KAT-TUN played catching, I thought "Hm? Where is Hina?" When I wondered where he is, I don't know why, I realized he was Higashiyama's catcher. The enemy's catcher... (laughs)
Which team are you in? You can't even play baseball.
Murakami: I mean, he called me "Murakami, come here!" so I replied "Yes!". It was like this. This kind of atmosphere is fun.
Yokoyama: For us, it was rather like "what are you doing?" (laugs) In that sorf of situation, the tone of voice is high. You should have asked "what?" when he called you!
Murakami: Hahahaha. Like in 2005 in our private time? What are you going to do?
Yokoyama: I get it. I'm going to play soccer. But I can't see myself getting into all this "soccer boom". I'd hate it. That's why it's me and Uchi who doesn't play soccer.
Murakami: But Uchi promised to come!
Yokoyama: I get it, I get it. I'll go if other members will come (laughs)
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Subaru's brain

The theme: Playing board game.

Suddenly Subaru who said: "I want to play board game!"
The urge that comes up occasionaly and this time it became the first battle with staff.

What was the reason to play borad game? I wonder why~ Maybe it's just a whim. I played it when I was a kid, and I play it with my juniors from time to time too. I suddenly wanted to play! I don't have it but when I want to play I just go and buy it. Last time I lost I had to clean up myself (laughs). So why I feel like playing? I wonder why~ Wouldn't it be fun if we played it all together? But I definitely won't play the game which looks like bank and I have to take care of money. I won today too, so it was very funny. I win when I play with my juniors too. It can not be helped. What can I say. I've been born to win.

What I want to do next month... I want to draw a picture on something big. I want to draw in a place big as wall. It would be awesome. I want to draw it with Yasu. What else... Everything is fine. Ah, I have something more. Pottery. I want to do it with Yasu too.

Subaru's brain

The theme: Let's try to pack up the "summery" stuff.
Things such as "watermelon splitting" or "ghost stories" which usually can not be done.
Anyway, I've tried to pack up likely summer things.

My impression...? I'm tired! But well, for the first time in awhile I played with fireworks. How many years it has been? Since I don't play fireworks even while having barbecue. Since I'm a man (laughs), playing fireworks alone is not fun. But it's different with ghost stories. That was fun~ It's somewhat original~ "Maybe it's not a ghost story" (laughs)

Since I was concentrated and tried to be cool about it, it became too much for me. Since the middle I thought "that's bad~" and wondered if I'll be alright. No way that I'm gonna fade-out like this (laughs)
Certainly I will talk about it in radio. I got a good story.

Watermelon was tasty too. BUT! I thought that in total I didn't go to the sea. (laughs)This location was way too bad. I should have gone to the sea if I were to do IT. The conclusion of it is that "the summer is after all the sea"! I already decided what to do next month. And I have birthday in September too. 30 years old... The 30-year-old is called as separator. I'm thinking about doing something new.

Winter break.

Lately I was busy so I couldn't anything >_< Let's see... what I wrote in my last entry?
Ah, right~ it was around the time I had birthday. Nothing really changed since that time, maybe I'm more busier now.
I still haven't started writting my thesis, but I'm planning to do it now, since I have winter break. 
And I just finished my exams, so I can rest a little bit too. I finally have to catch up with Janiben, other shows and dramas I have been watching before exams... 

Anyway, I got almost 3 weeks off from Uni, so I invite queenofshy o come over to my place. But she already went back home ><
I'm saaad~ ;__; 
But it was great to meet with her again <3 

We watched ER :D The movie is so silly, but I adore it xD Epic. They should release 2nd ER movie! xD 
And I saw covers for V6's album and short version of "Supernova" PV *______* 
I want this album!!!! but I can'y buy it ;____

After birthday post

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes <33
So happy ^___^
I got great presents from my friends, but what surprised me the most was this:

It arrived today, just when I got back home for a weekend. And I got it from my Japanese friend <33
Although my favorite is Yoko's uchiwa from PUZZLE, this one is so pretty too *___*
OMG. My first Yoko's uchiwa erlhgkjdslkjaLKJ *_______* 

Crazy weekend! xD

So I met with queenofshy again! xD I love our meetings, and with every time we meet it's even more epic. 
This time we celebrated our birthday! Mine is on 27th of November, and Marta's on 11th, so there is not much difference xD 
Unfortunatelly, we didn't have a cake or anything, but still, it was awesome~ :D 

A lot of epicness, laughing and what's unexpected - almost no Eito this time xD

We made blue pancakes ♥ And made omuraisu :D 
Next time we are going to make sushi! xD 
Gosh... when we drank too much we recorded some stupid videos xD EPIC!!
And what's more, Marta is going to visit me next time when we'll have winter holiday :DD I can't wait! 8D

What else can I say? 
Marta~ Nakupenda!! 8D

”Subaru's brain" - Wink Up 2012.11

After I saw scan from this month I decided to translate it. 
There may be some mistakes, since I'm not advanced in Japanese yet, so I'm sorry if there are any xD

Making bread
In fact, already tried a lot of things, so there is a proposition from staff- to challange making a bread.
Since there is time for fermentation, it became a time to spend it comfortably.

It was very fun. I made a bread for the first time. And it was tasty~
Lately I was in a dark and didn't spend time in such a loose feeling like this (laugh). Ocasionally at ease~ 
Once in a while it's good to be at loose. 
That's right, but whatever it is still good to choose or create on your own.
Attachement is growing. It's the same with bread, planning is all it takes. 
I thought it's important to decide by yourself "it's alright to be like this".
How about making a watch next time? I made one in junior high school, so it just came out.
It's also fine if it's like the time I made a desk of wood. But it's fine if it's not a wood too~ 
After doing some research, I'm going to make it.
Entry time~ 

So I have been thinking about writting something, but I actually didn't know what I should write about. 
I came back home for the weekend, and I'm spending my time sitting around lazily xD And it's not that I don't have anything to do... 
Because really, I have a lot to do xD I should start working on my graduation thesis. I'm gonna write about "Changes in Japanese society. Differences between 19th and 21th century". Or at least this is what I want to write about, but I'm still not sure if it's gonna sound like this. Well, I still have some time to decide, though not too much xD

There is a new Japanese teacher in my University~ This time, a male teacher came to teach and he is so adorable! XD 
He is 28 y/o which is nice, but he is short! xD Around Shota's height I think or sth like this XD It feels strange to stand next to him, especially since I'm 172 cm 8D but luckily, he is very nice and likable ^^

And what's more important! I'm finally going to go to Japan next year! I'm so happy about it~ at first, I had plans to go there with a friend in the summer. But I don't think it'll happen. So in the end I decided to go there during Eito's tour. I want to see them live so much it hurts. So hopefully I'll be able to see them live next year. But I'm only afraid of going there alone.
Honestly, it terrifies me... but I hope everything will go well. 

Next year, I'm going to get my bachelor's degree in Japanese language major, but I decided not to continue it for now. Instead, I'm planning to get to other University for Oriental Studies major where they have student's exchange with Japan. 
If everything will go well, I'll go to Japan in 2014. That's how I see it now, but "plans" are still "plans". 
I'm not sure about it yet, but I feel like I really have a chance to go there and get to feel how it is like to live in Japan. 

That's it~  thank you for today xD


Epic meeting wit queenofshy s epic.
Like really... really epic xD

Again, I spent at her place few days and again it was awesome meeting xD
I had to wake up at 4.45 AM on Thursday though... but it was nothing.After almost 8 hours I spent in train I reached Poznań around 1 PM and met with Marta after almost 3 months because of me spending whole summer in England.
We went to the park with bugs! xD

We didnt do much on Thursday, since both of us were kind of tired and went sleep quite early, but on Friday we made a special cake to celebrate Subaru's birthday and Eito's 8th debut anniversary. And I have to say, that our cake was really tasty xD
Also we watched Kanpani, Eito Fails and probably some random cuts from DVD
We took a lot of stupic photos, had a lot of fun, laughed and what mostly I'm happy I could meet with Marta xD

On Saturday evening we drank and got a little drunk, but horror movies quickly cleared our heads xD
There is a blog on tumblr called JEconfession or something like this... we read some of this... while we laughed at most of the confession the one about Tegomass was quite creepy....
We watched some Korean and Japanese horrors.... While Korean horror was easy to understand, the other one left me with one, big WTF?? .... After movies we had to go outiside to take Marta's dog for a walk, and it was cooold >_<
The sky was so pretty *___* so many stars~ It was another occasion to take photos 8D

I hope to meet with you again soon! :D
Epic. Random. Fangirling. Eito.
♥ ♥ ♥

Aug. 29th, 2012

Hello~ I'm still alive xDD
When was the last time I wrote entry??.... sooo long time ago I suppose....

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