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Ryo's old interview.

Ryo Nishikido
Day and night, ghosts and UFO, boys and girls. This month's is easy
alternative. So, which will he choose?

*Ghosts and UFO. Which do you want to see?
Suffice it to say UFO. Because ghosts are scary. Even if I say I want to see it,atI think the UFO's perhaps seen as mistake.
Things such as satellites, aren't that stuff like that? And there have been Crop Circle done on TV. It seems easy to do if you attach a string to the plate. In fact, it was later shown to verify. Well, it's art after all (laughs).
But ghosts were originally people, isn't that somewhat mysterious?
Hovever, I don't have the ability to sense the supernatural stuff, so I have never seen a ghost.

*Dogs and cats. Which faction?
Dogs! or more than that, I'm allergic to cats, so the skin around my eyes becomes red and swollen. That was found out around the time when I was in 6th grade in elementary school. When I went to my friend's place and played with a cat, suddenly a rash appeared. But I think that cats are cute when I look at them. We keep a dog at home now, but lately it's getting quite bad. We got him when I was in a 1st grade, so because of his old age seems to die out of breath. He is usually cheerful, but sometimes falls during walk. It's bad, don't you think so? He has been with me all the time while I was growing. I'm gonna feel down when he won't be with us anymore. Even though, maybe we'll keep another dog. When our dog die I'll probably feel sad, but the joy of playing together is bigger

*If you have a child, which would you like to have? A Boy or a girl?
First a girl and then a boy. In other words, I want both. The reason is that I wanted to have older sister. But the girl would probably think: "I wanted to have older brother" (laughs). Well, if it were like that, I'd be trying my best to be a dad which would be like older brother. If that were a girl, wouldn't I be worried? No, I would trust my kids. But of course, I would make a curfew (laughs). Basically, I would let her go out freely, but since it'd be a girl, after all I would like her to keep her girly part.
If it were a boy? I would bring him up more freely. I would like him to study at some extent, but more than that, I would like him to experience a lot of things. Because I think better to do  anything than do nothing at all. So that's why he should take responsibility for the things he has done. I would hit him If he did something bad (laughs).

*Always day or always night. Which would be better?
Night. No, but which would be better? After all, you might want to be in contact with light. And when you think of making night it would be night.
It's easy to make it dark, but you can't make the sun. Hovewer, I like the atmosphere of the night. Especially in Tokio. I mean, Osaka's night is common to me. There aren't any new places.
Even so, there isn't much difference between Osaka's night and the night of the Tokio (laughs).
For example, yesterday I was cleaning my room till 4 am. When I was walking, I stopped on something and it broke because everything was laying terribly (laughs). So, I wasn't able to stop cleaning when I started.



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Mar. 15th, 2014 07:14 am (UTC)
Though it's a bit late,
thank you for doing some translations!
I miss seeing translations of magazines and such, people don't do them much anymore :\
So thank you for this!
Mar. 18th, 2014 05:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the comment!
I'm currently translating Subaru's interview, so I'll post it tomorrow maybe xD
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