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Yoko's interview from 2000.

Hello & Good-bye
~Me until now, Me from now on~
Yokoyama is going to turn 19 years old on 9th of May. Congrats!
That's why this time it's special interview.
We got to talk about the period when he wasn't yet in Juniors while looking at interview from that time.
Comparing with that time, Yokoyama, who almost have grown into an adult man.

Have I become an adult even just a little?
"Now in fashion is to play Shōgi. But If I'll have some time, I want to try Snowboard!"
('97, December issue)
Aa, Indeed during that time playing Shōgi in the dressing room was popular. But soon after we stopped playing it (laughs). In the end I didn't go for Snowboard even once. Nor do I want to go now (laughs).

"I want to grow more" "I want to be able to speak more funny"
('98, February issue)
Did I say something like that? (laughs). When you think of it,  I grew starting from that time. And I'm doing my best now and talk a lot (laughs). And about my height, then comparing to that time I surely grow a little.
... I see, I'm slowly changing.

"I can't eat most of the green vegetables" "I want to become more black!"
"My charm point are simmilar to Mickey Mouse's ears"
('98, March issue)
Somewhat I became able to eat green vegetables! Everything except cucumber and onion is fine with me. I truly became an adult! (laughs). And about my plans to become more dark... You can understand when you see me! (laughs). I'll do that from now on! And also, ears are my charm point... Did I really say that? I don't remember that...  If I'm dared to say my charm point now, then it is me itself. All of me is a charm point (laughs).

"I think that Tokyo is a good town, but it's not a place for me to live forever. I love Osaka more after all"
('98, April issue)
This was during I had shooting of the movie and I was really busy. Now I completely got used to it, and think that there is not much difference between Tokio and Osaka.
I can speak now normally even in standard language.

"I realized that I like water sports"
('98, June issue)
Aa,that was during the time I went to Hawaii! I remeber that. Soon after that, I  rode on water scooter during work, but except that I didn't have a chance to do that again. But even now I have the feelings of challenging it again during my private time.
Looking back at this, I really did change. When I think about that, then in the beggining when I talked with Tokio's juniors I always used honorfic language. Now I'm talking with an air of authority (laughs). That means I became familiar with them (serious). I'm going to turn 19 years old soon, but I feel like it's such half-hearted age, 19 years old. I want to turn 20 years old quickly... Well, it's the last year of my teens so I want to spend it without any regrets.