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Random translation xD

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Give us 5 things you like about Yasuda Shota.
Subaru: Firstly, I like it that he is shorter than me. He is seriously shorter. The other time I measured it showed 165,6cm. And Yasu is saying himself that his height is 164,5cm. See?! He is shorter than me! Next, his easily to tamper character. Also, maybe I’m maniac a little, but his hands during his guitar solo. He is amazing, Yasuda. Even if he is playing far away from me: “Ah, it’s Yasu”, I just know it. I like the sound which comes out from his playing on the guitar. Two more, huh~ How he cares about others. Everyone cares about each other, but how to say it.. Yasuda goes there where no one would go. It’s amazing how he would notice things which are unnoticeable by me. And lastly, he is great at smiling. When I’m told during photoshots to smile, somehow I’m not able to smile easily. But Yasu is able to smile naturally, even during concerts he is laughing too. Because there is a person like him, I feel like I’m being saved. If everyone were like me, I feel like people who come to see us wouldn’t think about it at all. Since I don’t have a sense of sociability.

I translated it some time ago and posted it on tumblr, but thought about putting it here too :)
After I finish my exams I'm going to finish one of my other works, which is pamphlet from FFF tour  ^^
(Subaru's and FiVe tour)