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Hisashiburi! I went to Japan!!

Oh my gosh... It's been quite some time since I last wrote post here.
I don't know why I decided to write something here but I thought that my first trip to Japan is important.
My decision to visit Japan this month was so sudden and unplanned... So I actually wasn't planning on going to Japan but while I was in England my Japanese friend asked me if I want to come because she got 2 tickets for Eito's concerts for me.
And if it weren't because of my sister I would probably answer my friend that I won't come but my sister told me: "you worked hard to earn these money. You should go to Japan! How long you like this group? You wanted to see them live, right? Then go! Don't think about money because you can earn them again"

So I ended up buying airplane ticket before I changed my mind about this haha
And I don't regret it. Although I was a little bit scared of going there alone, I don't regret it. I'm glad that I decided to go even if it was only a week. It still feels like a dream though... Did I really go to Japan? Did I really see Eito?? I can't wait to go there again in September!

I went for 2 shows. 1/16 and 1/17 in Osaka. My seat on 16th was so close to the stage!!!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

I was so surprised that Kyocera is so big!! Although I went with my Japanese friends when we entered Dome I ended up talking in Polish haha it was seriously too much for me to handle. I was really close to the stage so :D although my seat was good, Yoko didn't came to my side often. And even though when he came, me and my friends tried calling him, Yoko didn't looked in our side /cries/
BUT BUT BUT!!! Ryo saw me :D :D I had uchiwa with "from Poland" written on it and when he walked next to us he heard us and stopped to read what was written on my uchiwa and Ryo even waved to me (I went crazy after he did that xDD). And I think Yasu saw me too, but I'm not sure about it....
Anyway after the con ended staff came to me and asked if they can ask me some questions. But I was such a mess that I wasn't able to properly answer their questions. They asked me if I really came from Poland only to see Eito, how I learned Japanese and how I got to know about Kanjani. They also asked me what I liked the most during the con etc. And at the end they asked me to show the uchiwa to the camera but somehow I wanted Yoko to see that he is my favourite member, I showed both uchiwas (I brought Yoko's uchiwa from his solo con with me xDD ).
I might be on dvd but I'm actually afraid to see myself on it. I must have looked horrible after the con 8D
But they also came to film me during concert.... (so embarassing 8D).

17th was the last concert. And it was so scary when suddenly only 6 members appeared on the stage!!!
My seat ↓
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Although there were only 6 members, they worked hard to make this con enjoyable for everyone. Some girls behind me were Okura's fans so they cried when Eito said that Okura will be absent. Subaru took Okura's part during "My Store" and gosh.... he was soooo adorable!!! Yasu tried so hard to stop him from messing up too much xD it was so fun to see Subaru in Okura's outfit which was of course too big for him haha Then they decided to stay on stage during Hina's solo and of course Subaru couldn't stop himself and decided to annoy Hina and dancers haha I'm seriously looking forward to see this on dvd!!!!
I tried to look at everyone but I ended up looking at Yoko most of the time and I must say that he dances very well!!! And his voice sounds much more better live (or I'm just too biased xDD).
And he looks soooo good in glasses.......... gosh. Yoko is too handsome haha Or I just like him too much.... xD

I really can't wait for the DVD!!!! It's gonna be so good!! And about the set list... although I was sad that Subaru didn't put older songs into it,  band sessions were awesome!!! And Heavenly Psycho was... I have no words for it. I loved it!! When they performed I felt like crying. It was the only one moment during the con I actually cried a little. I love this song and even now when I think about this performance I just feel like crying.

I'm really glad that I got into Eito in 2008. I can't imagine my life without them. I love them so much.
This year I'll go to Japan for working holiday with my friend so I hope I'll get to see them again soon. From now on, I'll do everything to see them every year.