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Oh my gosh.

In a long time I decided to log in here and actually write a post. These past few months were actually a weird period for me...
Had an anxiety problem, I still do. But I'm getting better. Had a crush on my friend... cried because of him. I think I still have a crush on him, but he went for some kind of training course so I won't see him for the next 3 months....And I also went to England this summer too. My sister's kids are so adorable and I miss them so much already >< Luckily she is gonna come to Poland for Christmas so I'll see my nephews and a niece soon ^^

I started my last year at Uni last month and I'm currently looking for a part-time job, but even this isn't as easy as I thought. I'm slowly getting stressed over Uni and my graduation thesis. I also realized that friendships are difficult. I'm getting tired of being the only person who tries to mantain it. It's happening again and I seriously don't know what to do anymore. Thinking about it gives me headaches and I wonder what should I change in myself so people won't decide to ingnore me in the end again. It hurts to be left alone and even if I try to act like I'm fine it just hurts so much.

Other than this, I got into V6 for real. Like seriously... this group is so awesome and I just like those ossans so much xD
Ken is my favourite Johnny's now. I can't believe that he grew on me so much. He is just way too adorable and cute and he has a nice body... aish this kid. I was watching yesterday his appearance on Matsuko's TV show and I died few times while watching it.
Ken is practically "Johnny's NG" XD I've been watching V6's stuff for 4 days straight now XD I just finished watching their OMG DVD with a friend and guys... it was SOOO good!! Their dancing skills are very good. I love that about them. Also I'm always impressed by their performances on any TV shows since they always sing live. AH! and I also rewatched some of the Mission V6's episodes xD
This show is as epic as Kanpani xD

And there is also Kanjani's newest album! I love it so much!! :D It's really good album, I had to say it. All the songs are awesome and I'm so happy that Subaru and Yasu wrote a song together again (yup yasuba shipper feels xD). Maybe I'm weird but I actually like Adam and Eve. I know that Yoko's voice is not one of the best (of course), but I actually think he did well since it could have been worse xD And I must say that boxing paid off for Yoko... I know that he is too skinny but I'm sure he will gain some weight back after the tour xD So we should just enjoy the view right now 8D

It's getting colder these days. It's November already... my birthday are coming soon. I'm gonna turn 23y/o on 27th of this month.
That was fast... Time really goes by so fast.