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I miss writing entries here. Should I start again? Probably no one cares about it xD
Anyway, it's almost Christmas and I just wonder... why does time go by so fast?
I came back home from England at the end of September and it's already December. Way too fast...

Lately my friend got me into flailing over Mr. Tom Hiddleston. Before, I always wondered why all those people see in him as I saw so many posts, photos etc of him on Tumblr. Then I watched Thor, Avengers and the rest of the movies he is in. And now I get it. Isn't he the nicest person in this world? XDD

Actually I'm going to England again for Christmas. It was so sudden... If I knew it before, I would have tried to get the ticket for Tom's play. I'll try anyway. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get a standing ticket. I wouldn't mind that. If not, then I'll try waiting for him at the Donmar. I'd love to see him at least.

I'm currently preparing to take N2 in July. My weakest point is Kanji (of course xD).
But I think I have enough time till July, so wish me luck! I hope to pass it :) And I also applied for exchange in Japan.
I'll know the results in April. If I get accepted I'll go to Japan for two months (June-August). It's a short period exchange, but this way it won't disturb my studies, since I start my last year of Uni in October.