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England 2013

I had my diploma defence on 5th of July, and I cameto England on 10th of July.
My diploma defence made me stressed >< I got a question about Post-war Japanese writters. And I failed to answer this question xD
But after all I got a nice score. I was the last one who was being questioned, so after I finished we went together with our Japanese teachers to the restaurant. We had a nice time together, but still, I was a little bit sad.
I graduated from Uni and also my Japanese teachers went back to Japan already >_<

Anyway, I'm already in England, but I'm helping my sister at home, so I don't do anything interesting these days xD
Just do some cleaning, play with my nephews etc. xD But maybe I'll go shopping tomorrow :D

And while I talk about shopping! Since I decided not to go to Japan in September that was a really difficult decision to make, but I just had to do it ><, I bought LED Apple's mini album!! :D :D
It's their debut album in Japan <333
It had 6 songs, bonus dvd, 40 pages photo book, a group photo, and 2 cards with random members 8D
I hope I'll get Hanbyul's and Kwangyeon's cards xDDD