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Hisashiburi! I went to Japan!!

Oh my gosh... It's been quite some time since I last wrote post here.
I don't know why I decided to write something here but I thought that my first trip to Japan is important.
My decision to visit Japan this month was so sudden and unplanned... So I actually wasn't planning on going to Japan but while I was in England my Japanese friend asked me if I want to come because she got 2 tickets for Eito's concerts for me.
And if it weren't because of my sister I would probably answer my friend that I won't come but my sister told me: "you worked hard to earn these money. You should go to Japan! How long you like this group? You wanted to see them live, right? Then go! Don't think about money because you can earn them again"

So I ended up buying airplane ticket before I changed my mind about this haha
And I don't regret it. Although I was a little bit scared of going there alone, I don't regret it. I'm glad that I decided to go even if it was only a week. It still feels like a dream though... Did I really go to Japan? Did I really see Eito?? I can't wait to go there again in September!

I went for 2 shows. 1/16 and 1/17 in Osaka. My seat on 16th was so close to the stage!!!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

I was so surprised that Kyocera is so big!! Although I went with my Japanese friends when we entered Dome I ended up talking in Polish haha it was seriously too much for me to handle. I was really close to the stage so :D although my seat was good, Yoko didn't came to my side often. And even though when he came, me and my friends tried calling him, Yoko didn't looked in our side /cries/
BUT BUT BUT!!! Ryo saw me :D :D I had uchiwa with "from Poland" written on it and when he walked next to us he heard us and stopped to read what was written on my uchiwa and Ryo even waved to me (I went crazy after he did that xDD). And I think Yasu saw me too, but I'm not sure about it....
Anyway after the con ended staff came to me and asked if they can ask me some questions. But I was such a mess that I wasn't able to properly answer their questions. They asked me if I really came from Poland only to see Eito, how I learned Japanese and how I got to know about Kanjani. They also asked me what I liked the most during the con etc. And at the end they asked me to show the uchiwa to the camera but somehow I wanted Yoko to see that he is my favourite member, I showed both uchiwas (I brought Yoko's uchiwa from his solo con with me xDD ).
I might be on dvd but I'm actually afraid to see myself on it. I must have looked horrible after the con 8D
But they also came to film me during concert.... (so embarassing 8D).

17th was the last concert. And it was so scary when suddenly only 6 members appeared on the stage!!!
My seat ↓
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Although there were only 6 members, they worked hard to make this con enjoyable for everyone. Some girls behind me were Okura's fans so they cried when Eito said that Okura will be absent. Subaru took Okura's part during "My Store" and gosh.... he was soooo adorable!!! Yasu tried so hard to stop him from messing up too much xD it was so fun to see Subaru in Okura's outfit which was of course too big for him haha Then they decided to stay on stage during Hina's solo and of course Subaru couldn't stop himself and decided to annoy Hina and dancers haha I'm seriously looking forward to see this on dvd!!!!
I tried to look at everyone but I ended up looking at Yoko most of the time and I must say that he dances very well!!! And his voice sounds much more better live (or I'm just too biased xDD).
And he looks soooo good in glasses.......... gosh. Yoko is too handsome haha Or I just like him too much.... xD

I really can't wait for the DVD!!!! It's gonna be so good!! And about the set list... although I was sad that Subaru didn't put older songs into it,  band sessions were awesome!!! And Heavenly Psycho was... I have no words for it. I loved it!! When they performed I felt like crying. It was the only one moment during the con I actually cried a little. I love this song and even now when I think about this performance I just feel like crying.

I'm really glad that I got into Eito in 2008. I can't imagine my life without them. I love them so much.
This year I'll go to Japan for working holiday with my friend so I hope I'll get to see them again soon. From now on, I'll do everything to see them every year.


Oh my gosh.

In a long time I decided to log in here and actually write a post. These past few months were actually a weird period for me...
Had an anxiety problem, I still do. But I'm getting better. Had a crush on my friend... cried because of him. I think I still have a crush on him, but he went for some kind of training course so I won't see him for the next 3 months....And I also went to England this summer too. My sister's kids are so adorable and I miss them so much already >< Luckily she is gonna come to Poland for Christmas so I'll see my nephews and a niece soon ^^

I started my last year at Uni last month and I'm currently looking for a part-time job, but even this isn't as easy as I thought. I'm slowly getting stressed over Uni and my graduation thesis. I also realized that friendships are difficult. I'm getting tired of being the only person who tries to mantain it. It's happening again and I seriously don't know what to do anymore. Thinking about it gives me headaches and I wonder what should I change in myself so people won't decide to ingnore me in the end again. It hurts to be left alone and even if I try to act like I'm fine it just hurts so much.

Other than this, I got into V6 for real. Like seriously... this group is so awesome and I just like those ossans so much xD
Ken is my favourite Johnny's now. I can't believe that he grew on me so much. He is just way too adorable and cute and he has a nice body... aish this kid. I was watching yesterday his appearance on Matsuko's TV show and I died few times while watching it.
Ken is practically "Johnny's NG" XD I've been watching V6's stuff for 4 days straight now XD I just finished watching their OMG DVD with a friend and guys... it was SOOO good!! Their dancing skills are very good. I love that about them. Also I'm always impressed by their performances on any TV shows since they always sing live. AH! and I also rewatched some of the Mission V6's episodes xD
This show is as epic as Kanpani xD

And there is also Kanjani's newest album! I love it so much!! :D It's really good album, I had to say it. All the songs are awesome and I'm so happy that Subaru and Yasu wrote a song together again (yup yasuba shipper feels xD). Maybe I'm weird but I actually like Adam and Eve. I know that Yoko's voice is not one of the best (of course), but I actually think he did well since it could have been worse xD And I must say that boxing paid off for Yoko... I know that he is too skinny but I'm sure he will gain some weight back after the tour xD So we should just enjoy the view right now 8D

It's getting colder these days. It's November already... my birthday are coming soon. I'm gonna turn 23y/o on 27th of this month.
That was fast... Time really goes by so fast.



Some time ago I broke down and cried a lot. And a friend told me I should just let it out somewhere.
I have a major problem with talking about myself and my feelings, so I decided to make a post since probably no one is gonna read it.
But maybe it'll make me feel better? I don't know...

I'm not letting people get close to me now but it wasn't always like that. I used to have a really good friend, like the best-best friend, but shit happened and she started ignoring me before we went to high school. I always gave her another chance, but I realized that friendship isn't about only one person giving. I still tried to be in touch with her even when we went to different high schools and our houses are like across the street, so I really did hope we could be friends even after choosing different high schools. But yup, she ignored me. And then she did a horrible thing on the day of my 18th birthday which made me give up completely.

When I started high school I made friends too, but that was when I started closing myself a little. But still I made a friend which I hoped I could talk about everything. But somehow I guess I must be unlucky  because the same thing happened. Graduated from high school, went to different Universities, different cities... I still tried to keep in touch... but I see that I'm just unlucky when it comes to friendships.
We didn't argue or anything, but when we met last year I realized that she has changed so much that I can't keep a decent conversation with her.

Because of this (and some other stuff, but I don't feel like talking about it now), it's hard for me to make real friends.
Luckily there is one person who is still sticking to me and I'm grateful for that. We don't live in the same city and don't meet up often, but she is really the only one I can call my 'best friend' now. But somehow I'm afraid of thinking like that, because every time I thought about someone this way, that person always left me in the end.

I feel like crying right now, but my roommate is near and I don't want to have to explain her what's going on.
I'm feeling horrible and I just don't know what I should do anymore.  Anyway, I'm gonne listen to this and I hope it'll make me feel better.
And I'm working on new translations, so I'll post something soon~

Ryo's old interview.

Ryo Nishikido
Day and night, ghosts and UFO, boys and girls. This month's is easy
alternative. So, which will he choose?

*Ghosts and UFO. Which do you want to see?
Suffice it to say UFO. Because ghosts are scary. Even if I say I want to see it,atI think the UFO's perhaps seen as mistake.
Things such as satellites, aren't that stuff like that? And there have been Crop Circle done on TV. It seems easy to do if you attach a string to the plate. In fact, it was later shown to verify. Well, it's art after all (laughs).
But ghosts were originally people, isn't that somewhat mysterious?
Hovever, I don't have the ability to sense the supernatural stuff, so I have never seen a ghost.

*Dogs and cats. Which faction?
Dogs! or more than that, I'm allergic to cats, so the skin around my eyes becomes red and swollen. That was found out around the time when I was in 6th grade in elementary school. When I went to my friend's place and played with a cat, suddenly a rash appeared. But I think that cats are cute when I look at them. We keep a dog at home now, but lately it's getting quite bad. We got him when I was in a 1st grade, so because of his old age seems to die out of breath. He is usually cheerful, but sometimes falls during walk. It's bad, don't you think so? He has been with me all the time while I was growing. I'm gonna feel down when he won't be with us anymore. Even though, maybe we'll keep another dog. When our dog die I'll probably feel sad, but the joy of playing together is bigger

*If you have a child, which would you like to have? A Boy or a girl?
First a girl and then a boy. In other words, I want both. The reason is that I wanted to have older sister. But the girl would probably think: "I wanted to have older brother" (laughs). Well, if it were like that, I'd be trying my best to be a dad which would be like older brother. If that were a girl, wouldn't I be worried? No, I would trust my kids. But of course, I would make a curfew (laughs). Basically, I would let her go out freely, but since it'd be a girl, after all I would like her to keep her girly part.
If it were a boy? I would bring him up more freely. I would like him to study at some extent, but more than that, I would like him to experience a lot of things. Because I think better to do  anything than do nothing at all. So that's why he should take responsibility for the things he has done. I would hit him If he did something bad (laughs).

*Always day or always night. Which would be better?
Night. No, but which would be better? After all, you might want to be in contact with light. And when you think of making night it would be night.
It's easy to make it dark, but you can't make the sun. Hovewer, I like the atmosphere of the night. Especially in Tokio. I mean, Osaka's night is common to me. There aren't any new places.
Even so, there isn't much difference between Osaka's night and the night of the Tokio (laughs).
For example, yesterday I was cleaning my room till 4 am. When I was walking, I stopped on something and it broke because everything was laying terribly (laughs). So, I wasn't able to stop cleaning when I started.


Yoko's interview from 2000.

Hello & Good-bye
~Me until now, Me from now on~
Yokoyama is going to turn 19 years old on 9th of May. Congrats!
That's why this time it's special interview.
We got to talk about the period when he wasn't yet in Juniors while looking at interview from that time.
Comparing with that time, Yokoyama, who almost have grown into an adult man.

Have I become an adult even just a little?
"Now in fashion is to play Shōgi. But If I'll have some time, I want to try Snowboard!"
('97, December issue)
Aa, Indeed during that time playing Shōgi in the dressing room was popular. But soon after we stopped playing it (laughs). In the end I didn't go for Snowboard even once. Nor do I want to go now (laughs).

"I want to grow more" "I want to be able to speak more funny"
('98, February issue)
Did I say something like that? (laughs). When you think of it,  I grew starting from that time. And I'm doing my best now and talk a lot (laughs). And about my height, then comparing to that time I surely grow a little.
... I see, I'm slowly changing.

"I can't eat most of the green vegetables" "I want to become more black!"
"My charm point are simmilar to Mickey Mouse's ears"
('98, March issue)
Somewhat I became able to eat green vegetables! Everything except cucumber and onion is fine with me. I truly became an adult! (laughs). And about my plans to become more dark... You can understand when you see me! (laughs). I'll do that from now on! And also, ears are my charm point... Did I really say that? I don't remember that...  If I'm dared to say my charm point now, then it is me itself. All of me is a charm point (laughs).

"I think that Tokyo is a good town, but it's not a place for me to live forever. I love Osaka more after all"
('98, April issue)
This was during I had shooting of the movie and I was really busy. Now I completely got used to it, and think that there is not much difference between Tokio and Osaka.
I can speak now normally even in standard language.

"I realized that I like water sports"
('98, June issue)
Aa,that was during the time I went to Hawaii! I remeber that. Soon after that, I  rode on water scooter during work, but except that I didn't have a chance to do that again. But even now I have the feelings of challenging it again during my private time.
Looking back at this, I really did change. When I think about that, then in the beggining when I talked with Tokio's juniors I always used honorfic language. Now I'm talking with an air of authority (laughs). That means I became familiar with them (serious). I'm going to turn 19 years old soon, but I feel like it's such half-hearted age, 19 years old. I want to turn 20 years old quickly... Well, it's the last year of my teens so I want to spend it without any regrets.

Random translation xD

[Scan (click to open)]
Give us 5 things you like about Yasuda Shota.
Subaru: Firstly, I like it that he is shorter than me. He is seriously shorter. The other time I measured it showed 165,6cm. And Yasu is saying himself that his height is 164,5cm. See?! He is shorter than me! Next, his easily to tamper character. Also, maybe I’m maniac a little, but his hands during his guitar solo. He is amazing, Yasuda. Even if he is playing far away from me: “Ah, it’s Yasu”, I just know it. I like the sound which comes out from his playing on the guitar. Two more, huh~ How he cares about others. Everyone cares about each other, but how to say it.. Yasuda goes there where no one would go. It’s amazing how he would notice things which are unnoticeable by me. And lastly, he is great at smiling. When I’m told during photoshots to smile, somehow I’m not able to smile easily. But Yasu is able to smile naturally, even during concerts he is laughing too. Because there is a person like him, I feel like I’m being saved. If everyone were like me, I feel like people who come to see us wouldn’t think about it at all. Since I don’t have a sense of sociability.

I translated it some time ago and posted it on tumblr, but thought about putting it here too :)
After I finish my exams I'm going to finish one of my other works, which is pamphlet from FFF tour  ^^
(Subaru's and FiVe tour)
I miss writing entries here. Should I start again? Probably no one cares about it xD
Anyway, it's almost Christmas and I just wonder... why does time go by so fast?
I came back home from England at the end of September and it's already December. Way too fast...

Lately my friend got me into flailing over Mr. Tom Hiddleston. Before, I always wondered why all those people see in him as I saw so many posts, photos etc of him on Tumblr. Then I watched Thor, Avengers and the rest of the movies he is in. And now I get it. Isn't he the nicest person in this world? XDD

Actually I'm going to England again for Christmas. It was so sudden... If I knew it before, I would have tried to get the ticket for Tom's play. I'll try anyway. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get a standing ticket. I wouldn't mind that. If not, then I'll try waiting for him at the Donmar. I'd love to see him at least.

I'm currently preparing to take N2 in July. My weakest point is Kanji (of course xD).
But I think I have enough time till July, so wish me luck! I hope to pass it :) And I also applied for exchange in Japan.
I'll know the results in April. If I get accepted I'll go to Japan for two months (June-August). It's a short period exchange, but this way it won't disturb my studies, since I start my last year of Uni in October. 

England 2013

I had my diploma defence on 5th of July, and I cameto England on 10th of July.
My diploma defence made me stressed >< I got a question about Post-war Japanese writters. And I failed to answer this question xD
But after all I got a nice score. I was the last one who was being questioned, so after I finished we went together with our Japanese teachers to the restaurant. We had a nice time together, but still, I was a little bit sad.
I graduated from Uni and also my Japanese teachers went back to Japan already >_<

Anyway, I'm already in England, but I'm helping my sister at home, so I don't do anything interesting these days xD
Just do some cleaning, play with my nephews etc. xD But maybe I'll go shopping tomorrow :D

And while I talk about shopping! Since I decided not to go to Japan in September that was a really difficult decision to make, but I just had to do it ><, I bought LED Apple's mini album!! :D :D
It's their debut album in Japan <333
It had 6 songs, bonus dvd, 40 pages photo book, a group photo, and 2 cards with random members 8D
I hope I'll get Hanbyul's and Kwangyeon's cards xDDD

It's June already?!

I can't believe it's already 8th of June. I can't believe I'm gonna graduate from Uni in like 3 weeks.
It's still so unreal...
Anyway, I finally finished my graduation thesis, though it's not binded yet XD
I'll have to do it this week :) I'm happy writing thesis it finally over. After I graduate, I'm going to England again.Then I'm planning to go to Japan in September. Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto. I'm going to stay at my teacher's place in Tokyo. And later I'm going to stay at my friend's place in Kobe. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also a little scared.

I'd like to say I'm going to have some free time for now, but no.
I have final exams now, so I don't have so much free time at all.
I already had Kanji exam on Monday and I'll have even more exams starting from next week.
I'm the most worried about Japanese grammar oral exam. I don't want it >_< Anyway, 3 weeks ago I went with my classmates and Japanese teachers for a trip! :D We went to Wrocław and I have to say that it's really pretty city. I'd like to live there~ There was even Japanese garden! That was the reason we choosed this city for a trip xD


I'm gonna miss my classmates. 3 years went by so fast! It's really hard to believe xD

Currently I'm also working on translation of Flat Five Flowers pamphlet as I was asked to do it by turtle_aya
Unfortunately, I didn't have much time earlier to do it, but I'm doing my best to finish it as soon as possible :D
AND!! Something unexpected happened!
I'm currently into Korean band called LED Apple. Have anyone of you heard about them??
If not, then you should check them out! :D They are awesome! :D

Still alive~

Yes, I'm still alive. Not on LJ though... You can find me mostly on twitter (@8skysun and my Japanese one @brzooska). But I'll still post here from time to time. Maybe I'll do other translations... if you have any scans you would like to read, send me links! And I'll try to translate them :D
But only if the scans will be in a good quality >_<

Currently I'm trying to write my thesis: "Changes in Japanese society after II World War". Seems interesting, right? :D
I still have a lot to write, but I'll manage somehow. I hope so XD

Last weekend I visited queenofshy and I had so~ SO much fun!! bruises... xD
Don't play with the seesaw if you are drunk- my advice xDD But seriously, I miss Marta already. I hope we will be able to meet again before I go to England this summer~  And I was happy to meet with Bogna and Ewelina again too! :D

I was supposed to work on my thesis today, but I'm watching Yamapi's "Ke Sera Sera" PV again and again~~ XD
And I'm going back to my dorm tomorrow~  I'm going out bowling with my friends and my Japanese teachers! :D

And I'll leave these two here. Just because ♥ ♥